¬ Here They Come (2020-2021)

¬ 'The First (2020)', 'The Second'(2021), 'The Third' (2021)

¬ Noise United (2017-2018)

¬'Noise Ain't Silence, Silence Ain't Dark' (2018), 'Our Beautiful Homeland Or: How I (un)Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rose' (2018)

¬ Mute Departures (2014-2016)

Stay Awake (2014), Echo (2014), Semiotic Threat (2015), Throwing Darts in Lovers’ Eyes (2016)

¬ Rehearsals (2012-2013)

Bernoulli Trial or: How Nothing Stays The Same In Two Different Minds, Use And Abuse Of Language -- 1st and 2nd Movement, The Attraction Of Manoeuvre

¬ What Have I done to make you treat me so disrespectfully, what? WHAT? (2011)

¬ 'Are You Talking To Me?', 'What Have I Done To You?', 'Now, You Have Been Found'

¬ We are remodelled and we're looking good (2009-2011)

¬ I Can’t Hear The Band, Black And White, If I Told You, I’d Have To Parachute You, Red States-Blue States, eMagine All The People, Just The Way It Happened

¬ Patronizing Ideas, Lessons and Afternoon Games (2009-2011)

¬ Sunlit Uplands, Gardening, Matching Numbers, The Seagulls And The Trawlers, Sellable Commodities, Bar Delay, Our Key Commitments To You, The Symmetry, Ace- Got My Mojo – Working My Spades, Quizzing The Photographers