Six films to be archived at the British FIlm Institute (BFI)

I am delighted to announce that six of my experimental short films will be archived at The British Film Institute(BFI). They will be archived as part of the One Minute programme, curated over the years by an amazing Kerry Baldry. Also, a big thank you to William Fowler (BFI) and Steven Ball (Central St Martins) for organising this, which wasn’t an easy undertaking, legally and otherwise.

  • Bar Delay (Zhel, 2009), part of One Min vol.4
  • Red States, Blue States (Zhel, 2011) part of One Min vol.5
  • The Attraction Of Manoeuvre (Zhel 2013) part of One Min vol.7
  • Mute Departures: Semiotic Threat (Zhel 2014) part of One Min vol.8
  • Throwing Darts in Lovers’ Eyes (Zhel 2016), part of One Min vol.9
  • ‘Here They Come’ (Zhel 2020), part of One Min vol.10


    5-7 November, 2021: 'Here They Come' (Zhel 2021), will be screened by Directors Lounge, Berlin - at Contemporary Art Ruhr in Germany, 5 - 7 November 2021. It is part of One Minute vol. 10 curated by Kerry Baldry.